Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Tropic of California

I grew up here in sunny Southern California.

Though not a particularly long enough life to justify my sitting in a rocker on the veranda and waxing poetic about "back when I was a pup...", I do have a recollection - and not a long ago one - of the arid climate that goes along with living in what is essentially a desert.

I mention this because it's raining today.  I'm in my shorts and a tank top, barefoot.  It's not horribly hot, but it's warm enough that twice this week I've come home to put on the AC.  I'm pretty hard to convince the AC needs to be on.  Today was muggy all day and now it's raining.  75 degrees and raining.

This is Mexico City weather, not Southern California!  What in heaven's name is going on?  It's the apocalypse, I tell you.

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  1. I played softball last night. A teammate described the air as raining without it falling. The air was dead calm and the humidity was over 90% (by the weather service on my phone).