Sunday, November 25, 2012

High on Kauai (Day One)

I'm in Kauai now.  Exhausted.  5 1/2 hour flight and I felt it for the first time.  My back was killing me by hour 2.  Today was just about dealing with the practicalities.

Oh, and I finally found a cure for insomnia:
Don't sleep at all the night prior.
Get out the door by 6am.
Hang out at the airport for two hours, most of it in an actual line.
5 1/2 hour flight of twisting in seat.
Airplane change.
Drag one suitcase and one gym bag around because "hey, the car agency is just right over there, no need for a trolley"
Drive an unfamiliar Jeep on unfamiliar roads.
Check in and unpack.
Go back out to get groceries.
Haul them home.
Make dinner (tuna sashimi with cucumber salad) and get drunk on two strong bloody marys.
Do ten laps in the pool
Do 20 minutes in the hot tub
Hot shower back at the condo and long, indulgent bedtime ritual of cleansers and moisturizers.
Drink cold glass of milk with half a cookie (those big kinds)
Now... try to plan your itinerary for the week and watch how well you slump over on the couch. :wink:

I acknowledge it's a heck of a solution for every time I find myself unable to sleep, but it's a pretty good option.

I've currently dragged my butt off the sofa and am burrowing myself into the covers of my bed.

I'll leave the TV on for noise and probably play on the 'puter for a while.  I must be up at 6 because I have an island tour scheduled and they're going to pick me up at 7.

My back still hurts a bit.  Took some advil.  

Thus ends our intro to How to Arrive In Paradise 101.

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  1. On the plus side, you are feeling like that in Hawaii. Far worse to feel like that in LA.