Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Have New Babies!

Six new babies in the nursery!
  • Two Shubunkin
  • Two High Fin Banded Sharks
  • Two Koi.... (I know... *GASP*) The big purchase.
I'm including useless photos since they are all quite scared out of their wits and hiding behind the waterplants. But in the meantime, you can see what they are supposed to look like.
The Shubunkin are essentially large goldfish and are also known as Calicos which you can understand because they have lots of black spots on an orange and white body.
The High Fin Sharks are about the same size as the Shubunkin (about 3 to 5") but are black and white striped and get their name from the hefty dorsal fin that towers over them.
And the Koi are the smallest I could find, both due to cost as well as the hopes that they will do well in the size of the fountain. I've heard that they grow according to their context, so I hope that they don't outgrow the fountain. One is white with a red spot on the head and the other is white with orange spots along its body. They are slightly larger than the other four fish, but all six seem to be huddling together quite trustingly with each other. I guess there is such a thing as courage in numbers.
Anyway, here are two pictures of them trying to hide, which is why I included pictures off the internet so you can see what it is that's behind those plants.

As usual, the naming ceremony will be delayed until I get a better sense of their adjusting and surviving...(one of the sharks already looks kinda iffy). In the meantime, i'll start ruminating for options.


  1. Arthur and Henry are good fish names.

  2. Two posts in a month just don't make it.